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Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening in Wimbledon

The latest braces to straighten your teeth discreetly

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  • Straight Teeth in 6 Months
    Straight Teeth in 6 Months

    Get your dream smile in as little as 6 months with orthodontic treamment.

  • Nearly Invisible Braces
    Can Fix Complex Issues

    Our orthodontist can fix complex issues with discreet braces.

  • Pay Monthly At 0% Interest
    Pay Monthly At 0% Interest

    Spread the cost of your smile into affordable monthly payments.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics for Children

At Arthur Road Dental our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Emmett Hegarty helps children and teenagers achieve straight smiles and overcome common problems like overcrowding, over bites, over jets and cross bites and gaps between teeth.

If necessary your child’s general dentist may suggest a consultation with an orthodontist for children between the ages of 10-12, however we believe in early assessment and children as young as 7 can come in if you are concerned about your child’s smile- you don’t need a referral.

  • Functional appliances – these are often used as a first stage in children’s Orthodontic treatment as they align the jaws not the teeth. Functional appliances are used to correct a disharmony between the upper and lower jaws. They work by influencing the growth and development of the jaw of a young patient. The most common use of a functional appliance is to encourage the forward growth of a retrusive or under-developed lower jaw.
  • Fixed Braces – the second stage of treatment is the alignment of the teeth with fixed braces. These can be tooth-coloured for older children and teens who may be conscious about the look of braces. Invisalign clear aligner braces may also be an option for teenagers.
  • The final result – a well-aligned bite and straight teeth for your child or teen, helping to maintain proper chewing and excellent oral health as well as boosting self-esteem with an attractive smile.

Damon Brace System

What is the Damon Brace System?

We are pleased to use the innovative Damon Fixed Brace System for both children and adults. Damon braces are a form of self-ligating braces which use special doors and clips to secure the orthodontic wire rather than the elastic ties.

  • A Natural Broad Smile
    Damon gives you a broader smile than conventional braces. Broad smiles show more teeth and fill the corners of your mouth, resulting in a more natural and appealing smile. A broad arch also provides facial support, which gives the face a more youthful appearance.
  • Upright Teeth for Proper Bite
    Teeth may appear relatively straight, while still tipping inwards or flaring out. Having the teeth upright and in the correct position helps the jaws to function properly and can protect against tooth wear. Upright teeth also enhance a smile’s appeal.
  • Improved Smile Arc
    An important aspect of a beautiful smile is the smile arc. A smile arc is created when the curve of the teeth follows the curve of the lower lip, creating a naturally beautiful and flowing smile.
Damon Brace System

Damon Brace System FAQs

What are the Advantages of Damon Braces?
  • Fewer Tooth Extractions or Expanders
    Damon dentists can now treat most cases without extractions or the use of headgear or palatal expanders to make space, which are often required with traditional treatment.
  • Faster Treatment
    The Damon System has been proven to treat faster and require fewer appointments than traditional braces.
  • Discreet Treatment
    Damon brackets can be tooth-coloured instead of metal, making them less visible and thus more discreet.
  • More Comfortable
    Damon Braces’ innovative approach to Orthodontics is more comfortable than conventional braces.That’s because the Damon System’s advanced technology uses light, gentle forces to move teeth to their correct positions more freely and more comfortably.
  • Reduced Need for Elastic Ties
    Conventional braces use elastics to tie the wire into the bracket which causes friction and pressure, making treatment slower and less comfortable.
  • Better Oral Health
    The gentle forces used by the Damon System preserve tooth roots and the lighter forces also help prevent undue gum recession and tooth loss.The elastic ties of traditional braces can collect plaque and bacteria. However, the Damon System does not use elastics and so helps you keep teeth and gums healthy during treatment.
How long does Damon Treatment take?

While treatment time can vary, the Damon System has been proven to treat faster and require fewer appointments than traditional braces. Light forceand shape memory wires move teeth more efficiently, reducing dentist visits and treatment times.

What do Damon Braces Look Like?

Damon braces are fixed to the teeth. The two types of options available are Damon Clear Braces and Damon Metal Braces.The Damon clear option is less noticeable and lets teens and adults feel more confident with their smile during treatment.AlsoDamon Braces have a small bracket size and profile with smooth, rounded corners designed for both aesthetics and patient comfort.

Do Damon Braces Hurt?

Most adult patients prefer Damon braces to traditional fixed braces because less pressure and friction on the teeth means the overall teeth straightening experience is more comfortable. Children will also benefit from a more comfortable brace wearing experience because there’s less extreme tightening needed. Damon braces tend be chosen by patients who have a busy social and work/school/college life as the Damon Clear braces are less noticeable as well as being more comfortable.

How much do Damon Braces Cost?

Fixed Brace treatment at Arthur House Dental starts from £3,800. Come in for an orthodontic consultation to find out more and get a personal treatment plan and exact cost for your particular case. We also offer Finance – click here for more information.

Traditional Fixed Braces

Traditional Fixed Braces

Why Choose Traditional Fixed Braces?

Traditional fixed metal braces offer predictable results and are still used for most teeth straightening treatments.

  • Less Expensive – being less expensive than ceramic or custom Damon braces, metal braces are a great option for children, and they can be customised with different colours making them a little bit fun as well!
  • Reliable and Predictable results – fixed braces offer precise tooth movements as the brackets are exactly positioned to correctly move teeth to exactly where you want them.
  • Complex Cases – metal brackets can be the best choice for certain conditions such as when a patient has a deep overbite.Fixed braces’ core benefit is their ability to fix those more complicated and difficult orthodontic problems, making them the first choice for many, especially young people and teens.

Fixed Braces FAQs

How long does Fixed Braces treatment take?

The length of time varies from person to person because it will depend upon the complexity of each case. For a rough idea, the majority of our patients have their braces on between 12 and 24 months. During your consultation, our orthodontist will give you a more accurate estimate as to how long the treatment will take. This is not an exact science, and sometimes the teeth move quicker than anticipated, or slower.

How much do Fixed Braces cost?

This varies from person to person as we base our prices on complexity, but prices generally start from £3,800.

How often will I need to come to the practice during Fixed Braces treatment?

After your braces have been fitted you will need to come into the surgery at least every 6 to 12 weeks.

Is Fixed Braces treatment painful?

As with any Orthodontic treatment, a level of mild discomfort is to be expected. Any pain experienced after the brace is fitted or the bands are changed usually improves after 48 hours and can be easily managed with painkillers if required. We recommend eating soft foods for a few days until the discomfort passes. We provide patients with Orthodontic wax, which can be used to cushion the lips if the appliance is rubbing.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign Clear Aligners are the modern and almost invisible way to straighten your teeth, for teens and adults.

  • They are clear so have low visibility – hardly anyone will notice them.
  • They are removable for meals and special occasions. Being removable also allows for normal brushing, so it’s easier to maintain oral health during treatment.
  • Invisalign is also comfortable as there are no metal brackets or wires to irritate your gums or your mouth.
  • We use 3D digital technology to help Invisalign make a series of bespoke aligners custom made for your teeth. This also allows you to see how your finished smile may look, before you even start treatment.

For more information visit our Invisalign page:

Read More about Invisalign

Invisalign Clear Braces
Braces Costs

Braces Costs

All of our treatment plans are tailor-made with full transparency on cost.

Damon Braces from £4200
Fixed Traditional Braces from £3800
Invisalign Aligners from £4300


We offer the ability to spread the cost of your treatment through our range of payment options, making Orthodontic treatment more affordable. Click here for more information or ask at the practice.

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